Mark Royce – Fitness Expert & Coach

Mark Royce – Title Boxing

I am a proud father of 4. I have 2 grown sons Matthew, and Jeremiah, Daughters Alexandra and Jackie and 2 granddaughters.  All whom I love dearly. I grew up in South Minneapolis, MN.  Played hockey from age 6 on through 2 years of college.  Also played football and baseball as a kid. I Love the MN outdoors, fishing, camping, hiking, boating, swimming. Play golf, ride a motorcycle, and spending quality time with my best friend and partner Lana.

I am a Boxing fan, my first martial art, and I have been since I was 6 years old. I love the sweet science! I began formal training in the martial arts at the age of 17, after being attacked in an alley in South Mpls near where I grew up…. I was beaten by 3 men, left for dead…. I suffered multiple lacerations, 6 broken ribs, 3 skull fractures, and severe loss of blood.  I spent several days in the hospital recovering… As soon as I was able… I walked into my 1st traditional martial arts school – still bandaged up and healing – this was a life changing experience. This was the start of my life long journey with the martial arts. I trained in a mixed style of Kung Fu, Tae Kwon Do, and Judo to start, I switched in 1985 to Mid America Karate, then I joined National Karate in 1986.

I trained under World Champion martial artists, Terry Norbloom, John Longstreet, Scott Masterton and many more. I taught American Kickboxing and other styles over the next 15 years.  I became friends with Sifu Alex Avestruz in 1998 and trained with him and advanced my boxing skills further. I boxed in the ring as an amateur, and kickboxer, and had a couple of Muay Thai exhibition bouts. Over the past 16 years I have trained with Steve Fabro, Rick Faye, and other top level martial arts instructors in the Filipino systems of Kali, Escrima, Silat, JKD and others. I am also a big fan of MMA (UFC) In 2006 I became the head trainer/standup fighting coach of TEAM ASSASSINS. I still help train some local MMA fighters, boxers, and kickboxers.

I founded American Self Defense Systems (ASDS) in 1996. A progressive combat oriented martial arts training format.  That focuses on Jeet Kune Do (JKD) principles, and incorporating many movements from several systems for Street Self Defense. I have worked in Security for the past 22 years as well. Bouncing, bodyguard service, and personal protection.  I Founded a security company in 2010 named Advanced Guard Security, sold the business in 2013. I have lost both of my parents – my dad passed when I was 19, and I lost my mom in 2005. Miss them both!

My father was a WWII & Korean war vet and hero (20 years retired Army Air Corp – then Full Air Force)… he fought hand to hand combat – several missions in both wars. He was a Decorated Vet that had more medals than he could fit on his dress blues. He was and is my hero and a big reason we are all FREE.
My mom was a tough, strong and loving mother. She was always there for me… I was blessed to have her in my life!

I am a lifelong martial artist, and have a passion to teach. I get to do just that each day with Title Boxing.  Come check out our two Twin Cities Locations at Arden Hills & Coon Rapids. Register for your FIRST SHOT FREE HERE!